Stairlift Removal Alfreton

Alfeton is a medium sized down within Derbyshire, known for its coal mining industry and of course the chocolate manufacturer ‘Thorntons’. We have had the pleasure of meeting many clients that live and work in this area, and provide adaptions to meet their mobility requirements.

Our recent work in Alfreton:

We attended a job for a gentleman in Alfreton that made it clear they needed a quick and easy solution to their stairlift problem. The customer’s requirements were that they were able to get a good price, get an appointment quickly, and have a reliable quick service so that he was able to continue to run his business without disrupt to his schedule. We Buy Any Stairlift was able to deliver this, and more to meet his expectations.

“I can’t fault We Buy Any Stairlift. Quick, easy, good price. 10/10 would recommend”

Steve, Alfreton

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